You guys seem like a massive deal, what if I don't have the budget to work with you guys?

We LOVE working with up and coming artists, helping you find your next steps and get to the next level. Whatever your budget, please don't be intimidated, get in touch, and tell us about your music - no matter where you are on the journey... We might just have an idea for you that costs nothing, or less than a hundred bucks... You just never know...

How do I prepare my track for mixing?

The best and safest way to prepare your stems for mixing is to bounce them all out as separate raw audio files (WAV or AIF). Logic X in particular has an option to 'Export All Tracks As Audio Files', but basically whatever DAW you're using you need to get your raw separate audio stems bounced/exported out, all starting at 0 over to us and we'll handle the rest. We also accept Logic X projects if you just prefer to zip compress and send that over as well as many other options... Just ask, and we'll be there to help guide you through it.

How do I prepare my track for mastering?

Just bounce and send us the final mix file, as a 24bit 48k WAV or AIF file, or whatever quality your project is at is fine. Take any 'mastering style' plugins or effects off the master channel and leave the rest to us.

My track still sounds like a demo no matter what I try, what should I do?

The best thing to do is to send it us, we will give you some free feedback, advice and direction. We might even just finish the track off for you if you like...

I don't live in Australia, can I still work with you guys?

Yes! We love working remotely, and we like to think we're pretty good at it - in fact, we just produced, mixed and mastered a whole theater musical show remotely. With help from the internet - Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Google Drive and the old 'jumping on a plane' trick we can make it work for sure. - wherever you're based.

What if I'm not happy with the way it sounds?

We promise we'll go back and forth with you, for as long as it takes, until you absolutely love it...

Wait a minute, I have a computer, can't I just mix and master this track myself?

It's true, anyone with a microphone and a laptop can be a producer these days, that's if you want a pat on the back from your friends and family... But it takes decades of hard work, trial and error, blood, sweat, tears and over 10,000 hours to master the art. For the same reason the food at top restaurants tastes so good, great songs just sound so world class - it's experienced and seasoned engineers.

My voice sounds out of tune, how do I sound super good like Justin Bieber?

Shoot it through to us, and we'll professionally pitch correct it manually, note by note, until you sound just like Mariah Carey in her prime.

But I have a friend who will do it much cheaper than you guys?

No worries, hope it doesn't end up sounding... cheap.

I made a recording of my dog snoring, can you guys master it for me?

Sure... I guess.

I'm a student, can I have a discount?

Sure you can.