As a key part of creating countless live album recordings for Hillsong Worship, Hillsong UNITED, C3 Church, Worship Central and many more artists spanning the last two decades, there's none more seasoned or innovative as a music producer when it comes to live albums, than Luke Munns and team.

With a mixture of creative pre-production, meticulously capturing the charged atmosphere of the live event crowd, and adding the finishing touches by mixing and mastering it into a heart overwhelming take home experience that encapsulates the same raw emotion and energy of the event, but now packaged to perfection for the end listener at home, in the car and even on a pair of iPhone ear buds. Live album recordings are not to be taken lightly, and whether a small, medium or large venue in mind, there's none better you can trust to guide you on the unforgettable journey of a live recording process than the team at THE LAKEHAUS STUDIOS.

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