Luke, you’re an absolute legend man… This is what it’s like working with someone who’s not only super professional, but accommodating to someone else’s tastes and desires. Thank you for making this an enjoyable collaborative experience.
— Malcolm, Sydney, Australia
Luke - I can’t even begin to say how incredible our music sounds!!! This latest version is literally perfect. Thank you for your heart too bro! For serving us with humility and patience. We have 3 more tracks in the works and will be calling on you again in the very near future. You have been nothing but amazing to work with, and your talents have surpassed our expectations!
— Scott, Detroit MI
We were paying an absolute fortune trying out all the different mastering engineers out there desperately trying to get our music to sound right… After we heard our masters back from Luke we were utterly blown away, and knew we would never send our mixes anywhere else again…
— Liam, Los Angeles CA
Choosing to trust Luke Munns with producing our music and developing our worship leaders and songwriters was the best decision we ever made. His history and experience working with successful artists like Hillsong, Bethel Music, Darlene Zschech, Martin Smith and Worship Central, partnered with his music production abilities makes him the only choice for our recordings. He has pulled the best out of our team and helped us get our first number one singles, which our guys could never have imagined possible.
— Phil, Melbourne AU
When you send your tracks to studios for treatment, you never know if they are going to care about your music as much as you do... Luke and the team at Lakehaus always put more love, care and attention to detail than any other premium audio service.
— Andy, San Diego CA
To be honest, as an artist I don’t really understand what happens in the mastering process too well, but I do know that if I just send my tracks to these guys, it comes back sounding absolutely massive.
— John, Castle Hill AU
I’ve made music since I was young, but it wasn’t until I started working with Luke that my music started sounding like it was in my head - but better.
— Emma, Gold Coast AU
I didn’t realise how poor the audio quality was on our podcast until we sent it for mastering at The Lakehaus as a test. For just less than a hundred dollars, it seriously came back sounding like a million dollars.
— Laura, Central Coast AU
No one had really heard of us before we worked with Luke and the Lakehaus team - but through their wholistic process of leading us through each step of our music journey, we’ve now had so many charting positions we’re starting to lose count.
— Aaron, Singapore SG
We were recording our live church albums ‘in house’ but with too many cooks in the kitchen and and different tastes we were getting a bland result. Luke came in and brought the missing flavours, lead us out of our comfort zones into a new level of excellence and brought a consistent innovative music thread to our album.
— Amanda, Michigan OH
The team at Lakehaus were super flexible, great to work with and tailored my EP project around my specific needs and college student budget haha. Thanks guys!
— Courtney, Hillsong College AU
I personally loved watching Luke blind A/B test gear and microphones like some kind of mad scientist... Someone get this man a lab coat! It’s actually crazy how much slightly moving a microphone or flicking one tiny switch can make such a huge difference to the overall sound of the drums.
— Harrison, Sydney AU
I was so frustrated for many years trying to get somewhere close to the sound I could hear in my head, but working with Luke, he was somehow able to make my music sound better than I could have imagined - all from 13,585 miles away (I just checked on Google Maps haha).
— Edwardo, Guatemala SA
It’s such a surreal experience hearing your voice through the specific microphone and gear that Luke has selected - I sounded larger than life - I wish I could sound like that all the time! Saving up for next time...
— Naomi, Brisbane AU
Luke (Producer) and Phil (Project Manager) were able to help break down some of the myths, and false romanticism I had about my music career, ceilings that were holding me back, and how to take real practical steps towards genuinely following my dreams.
— Rachel, Sydney AU
When I emailed through about my project, I thought it was a long shot and I’d get back a huge quote I could never afford, but seriously, the guys were so flexible and more concerned about encouraging me and working within my budget, and it really does just sound so amazing!
— Isabella, Singapore SG