Your music was created with a hands on, heartfelt & human approach - a labor of love.
So should your mastering.

Imagine THE LAKEHAUS STUDIOS mastering your tracks with the love, experience and passion that they deserve, every single time.

Transfer your mixes to us on or your preferred file hosting service now to

For multiple audio tracks please compress (zip) before transferring. 48k 24bit WAV or AIF or highest quality available.

Turnaround time is usually 24 hours or less - but we'll let you know.

Free mastering sample available for new clients.


Luke Munns has mastered hundreds of tracks over many years, for local and international artists, commercials, films and ministries.

As artists ourselves, we understand the journey  - investing countless hours, energy and finances into writing, demoing, recording, refining and mixing songs, then to entrust it to a mastering engineer that can make or break the entire process by rushing it through their meters without the care and detail needed.

Mastering at THE LAKEHAUS STUDIOS, we give each track the most professional, personal love and treatment that you deserve.

Giving time, effort, investment and honor to your individual song. We also carefully listen to study and technically analyze your musical tastes & reference tracks to make sure that we specifically honor and nail the style, sonic qualities & overall loudness to your preference.

Each track we master is meticulously referenced back and forth on 3 sets of studio speakers, and checked finally on our favorite set of headphones to create the most enjoyable musical experience possible for the end listener on whatever system they might have.

I originally started mastering because I was frustrated with constantly getting bad masters back from engineers. Mixes that I was 100% happy with would only come back badly after sending off for mastering - either too much bottom end, or a harsh brittle top end, over compressed and mushy, either distorted or not loud enough. At one point I even tried ‘robot automatic mastering’ services online, but it just sounded bland and generic. As a musician myself, I knew what great music should sound like, and I knew it could done much better. So I was determined to learn the art, gain the experience, do it right, and share with others, and have been able to now for over a decade.
— LUKE MUNNS - Mastering Engineer

We're continually tweaking and upgrading our world-class signature mastering techniques using industry tried and tested signal paths, a combination of different coloring EQ's, tape saturation and multiple compression/limiting stages to create a tonally balanced, dynamic, loud, warm & most of all, more enjoyable sound - ready to stand out upon distribution across stores such as iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify and Amazon as well as on film, television and radio.


Mastering is the art of making the final preparations, treatments and enhancements to the audio, making it sound the absolute finest it can, so the most amount of people will enjoy it on whatever platform, speakers or headphones, no matter the style or format.

Examples of possible actions taken during mastering:

• Editing any minor flaws
• Applying any noise reduction to eliminate clicks, dropouts, hum and hiss
• Widening stereo width
• Adding spacial ambience
• Equalize audio across tracks
• Adjust volume
• Dynamic range compression
• Peak limiting

Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor/Limiter

Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor/Limiter


Here are some mastering samples by THE LAKEHAUS MASTERING. Scroll through to hear the difference before & after mastering. The raw mix is on the left half & then the mastered version is on the right. Enjoy!