Wherever you are in your journey, we are passionate about helping you unlock your musical creativity, shape your finest sound & take the greatest step forward for your music.

Whatever your style - indie, pop, EDM, rock, folk, tropical, house, chill or worship. We love producing, creating and developing the best sounds, hooks & musical parts so you can thrive as an artist, connecting with and making an impact on your target audience.

All the greatest recordings throughout history have had the greatest teams working with them behind the scenes:

A songwriter, a producer, a mix/mastering engineer, a graphic designer & marketing team. Every successful music release throughout history has a team seasoned in the understanding of how music fits together, and experience in recording and knowing what listeners want –

Making sure people LOVE what they are hearing is never by accident.

At THE LAKEHAUS STUDIOS we make sure you always sound your very best so you will reach the people you desire to connect with.

We are passionate about making music that sounds awesome.

Our team of music industry specialists are ready to collaborate with you now. Meeting either in person, worldwide or over Skype - we come to you - removing any of the barriers created by distance.

So please, shoot us over your demo MP3, your Logic Pro X project or whichever DAW you prefer to, and well take the rest from there...

Are you ready to take the steps to go from where you are, to where you want to be?