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- All rights to all produced/recorded audio stems/musical parts/hooks (excluding songwriting royalties) from the recordings belong to both the recording artist and Luke Munns/The Lakehaus Studios/thelukasband, available for both parties to use freely for any and all future use or applications and approved worldwide for later release, promotional use, live performance and remix purposes of any kind.

- 50% non-refundable deposit of any music production/mixing/mastering costs for confirmed studio sessions are to be paid up front and remaining 50% final payment can be discussed/agree to be either made in 2 x final progress payments of 25% each throughout the project, or 50% final payment delivered before receipt of final masters at our discretion throughout the project.

- Once a booking confirmation is requested by the client, a 50% cancellation or postponement fee applies.

- Any song that is under 7 minutes in length is classified as 1 song, and any subsequent 7 minute intervals of time after will be counted as additional songs and charged additionally at the currently agreed rates.

- Disclaimer - Any glitches or errors of any kind resulting from computer and/or human error of the masters approved by the artist, are the responsibility of the artist and any loss shall be at the cost of the artist.

- Any changes to supplied music production demo must be specified and approved before mixing stage commences.

- Any changes to mixes must be specified and approved before mastering stage commences.

- Any songwriting contributions of melody, chords or lyrics created/edited by Luke Munns or any Lakehaus team of over 15% of each song will be negotiated and agreed among the songwriters during any songwriting sessions, administered through Steve McPherson at Hillsong/Shout Publishing, Australia.

Thank you,